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Late Arrivals

Key system for arrivals outside office hours

Please click here to print these instructions and ring Surfers Beachside Holiday Apartments (telephone number 07-5570-3000) the day before your arrival to obtain the key safe security code:

Your security code # __ __ __ __

On arrival in Vista Street, walk to the front door (which may not open as you approach it) … on your right you see a telephone and a small brown safe.

To open the safe:
Enter the security code and turn the dial – open the safe. Select the envelope with your name on it. Inside it you will find a welcome letter giving some information about the property, an instruction sheet on how to access your apartment and your apartment key. We request that you complete check-in formalities the day after your arrival.

Please close the safe after collecting your envelope by closing the door and turning the dial

Entry without a vehicle
1. Pass the key fob across grey reader box beside the intercom panel near the safe, on the wall when facing the entrance. The front door will open. Enter.
2. The door will close automatically behind you.
3. The lifts are situated directly in front of you at the rear of the reception area.
4. Call the lift (the ground floor is level 1), once inside pass the key fob across the grey box inside the lift, and then press the button number that coincides with the floor of your apartment.
5. The square shaped key opens your apartment door.
6. The fob is used to open the and the swimming pool gate. Pool hours are 7:00 am till 9:00 pm.

Entry with a vehicle from the car park
The car park entrance is in Vista Street and the entrance is on the side of the building. To enter the car park proceed down the driveway and activate the reader by passing the key fob across the grey box on the right side wall of the entrance to the car park. The gate will open. Please park in the designated spot shown on your key tag. Then follow the instructions 4 and 5 above.

Enjoy your stay and we will look forward to seeing you during your visit